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Results from 7100 patient study of interferons

Similar Treatment Effectiveness Found
More than 7100 patients have been participating in the study. The investigators found minimal changes in the patients' disability, on average, after two years of therapy. The percentage of patients who became relapse-free after two years of therapy was about 48 percent in the group taking Avonex, approximately 46 percent in the group taking Betaseron, and about 44 percent and approximately 38 percent in the groups taking the 22-microgram and 44-microgram doses of Rebif, respectively.

In the follow-up group, the percentage of relapse-free patients after two years of therapy ranged from 36 percent for those taking Avonex to about 34 percent for those in the Rebif group.

"Efficacy was similar among patients treated with the four different interferon-beta preparations in different countries," the researchers wrote. "Switching between different interferon preparations did not appear to provide additional benefits."

Interferon beta preparations are widely used as first-line therapy for people with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis, experts say. In clinical studies, they have been shown to reduce relapse rates and delay the disease's progression by approximately a third.2,3

"These results suggest that higher doses and frequencies of interferon beta may not necessarily be better when you take into account … that patients treated with Avonex could have significant advantages in the long term due to the treatment's low incidence of neutralizing antibodies and its once-weekly dosing, which encourages better long term adherence to therapy," Limmroth said.


  • I had a look at the study and can't see any relationship to a control group. Which means to me that taking nothing at all may be just as effective. Did I miss something?

    Hope your ankle is better.

    By Blogger mouse, at 7:06 p.m.  

  • Kim, one of my best friends has worked for a neurologist at UBC for the last 27 years. After reading note 2 at the bottom of the link site, I figure she should know something of this study (dated 1995?). If she does I will find out about those controls. Thanks for posting this info because Betaseron is the one I've been contemplating since the stumble of Tysabri.

    By Blogger mouse, at 7:06 a.m.  

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