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Making Changes

I've been contemplating a lot these days... specifically about balance between life and work. And of course that has to include in the equation my MS symptoms for what they are today. Since I've been back to work full time for the last 3 months I'm finding my self trying to protect my sleep time and "down" time to the max that I can. Basically so I can go back to work on a monday and feel refreshed and normal. The problem with this is that all I'm doing is trying to save my energies so I can work. Where is the life blanace part? When should I be socializing and going on weekend getaways, having friends over for dinner? And more fun... when am I going to get rid of the second ugly faux wall in my bedroom!? :)

So, the end result after lots of soul searching is to drop my job to part time for right now. I don't really know why this was soooo difficult for me to do. I know its the right thing to do. Financially we'll be okay with some adjustments to how we live, but thats a small sacrifice to having life back right?

I think the major part that has bothered me the most is that kinda for the first time I have to let the MS hit me in the face for real. When I was off work, I was continually getting better on my own and was moving towards getting back to work and I accomplished that. No change to life but a small blurp in the path. But this decision meant accepting that the MS has changed me and I need to recognize that. Tough to do when you really don't want to.

On the brighter side though... how great will it be to have a 3 day a week job and be able to help Tod with running his business? And get all the walls painted that I want to! There's a huge list of things I want to do once my hours are figured out at work. So far they have been supportive but are in the stages of trying to figure out how to make a 3 day week work. So, thats me this week.


  • Good post, love. :-)

    By Blogger Tod Maffin, at 1:36 p.m.  

  • It's a tough one, isn't it? The only thing that the Mrs and I would miss if I left my job or scaled it back would be the additional income and day-care costs. The insurance is under her employer and we could scale back our retirement savings ... it's a hard decision to make though. Glad to see that you have the financial freedom and the limited liabilities that allow you to do what you need to do.

    By Blogger mdmhvonpa, at 6:56 a.m.  

  • Change is always difficult to deal with, but when it's your body telling you a change is needed, it's always wise to listen to it.

    I understand the frustration and the "fight" to not change; to keep things as "normal" as possible. But sometimes that fight is just not worth it.

    I've always felt that while work is important (we all need money to pay the bills), my life, my family and my mental health are more important.

    Good luck with the change. I wish you nothing but the best!

    By Blogger Emily, at 10:30 a.m.  

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