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Women living with MS

I'm reading this book right now that I would definately recommend to others to read. Including family members. Its about a group of women who all have MS that live all over the place and help support each other through email. They talk about the things that most other technical MS books don't cover. Things like reactions, telling your kids (or not telling your kids), sex, memory problems, pain, deciding to get a cane or wheel chair, ect... They post exerpts from their email threads that are from women of all ages and all the varying forms of the disease. Anyways, I'm finding that I can relate to lots of it and are more educated from the rest. Good easy read and a nice change from the technical/medical read of the numberous other books I've read.


  • Sounds like a great book. Will definitely add it to my collection.

    I read a book called "When The Road Turns: Inspirational Stories by and About People with MS" and it was wonderful! A great pick-me-up when we're feeling the blues about having MS. Very inspirational.

    By Blogger Emily, at 7:19 p.m.  

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