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What is it doing to me?

I've read a lot of other blogs where other MS'ers have listed what their MS is in their bodies. Its so incredibly different in each person. One person's MS could sound like a completely different disease compared to someone else.

- I currently have the weird vision stuff going on from Sixth Nerve palsy. My right eye muscle has paralysis which is getting better but essentially caused complete double vision. Now, three months in to it, I don't have double vision but it seems like my right eye can't keep up with what my left eye focuses on so I feel like I'm visually interpreting information too slow.
- I had partial Seventh Nerve Palsy for about 2 months at the same time the Sixth kicked in. The Seventh nerve is the muscle responsible for your facial expressions. So the right side of my face from my mouth up to my eye was drooping slightly. It was pretty hard to tell as it seemed mild. I also lost my tastebuds for that time frame too on the right side of my tongue. That sucked!
- I have balance problems when walking or just standing. They are kinda comical really. I feel like I'm about to fall over and have to catch myself. And I always do catch myself, but I think it sure must look funny. This is particularily bad when I go for a walk.
- I react in weird ways to heat. If I take a bath I feel overheated for hours afterwards. The heat also seems to activate my eyes to go all wonky. I also seem to get sick everytime I've travelled to warm places although this has been happening since about 2000 so I don't yet know if its an MS symptom as I don't really know when I got MS. I think 2001 but who knows.
- I've also had pins and needles in my legs and arms which at the time in 2001 was attributed to finding a degenerated disc in my Lumbar. The MS clinic is considering this episode my first MS attack.

So thats what MS is in my body right now. With my short list I suppose that is why mine is being called Benign. The expectation is that I will go into a full recovery of these symptoms and into remission for an unknown period time. Thank god for that.


  • Hi there,

    I found your blog thanks to D. Barefoot. I was very interested to read the desciption of your MS symptoms. I too was "diagnosed" with MS several years ago. (The sypmptoms I had were very similar to yours.)

    I say "diagnosed" in quotation marks because, as I'm sure you know, there is no definitive test for MS. It was only after failing tests for Meningitis, etc and having an MRI in which the results were, direct quote here, "in keeping with what one would find in an MS patient" that they hung the MS label on me.

    I don't feel that I ever had MS, a situation that was borne out by the doctor asing me several years later how that wacky neurological thing was and upon hearing that I had no further symptoms pronouncing that he didn't think it was MS (no further flareups was not in keeping with the process of MS).

    Perhaps I should add that my disillusionment with the western medical system began around this time!

    Looking back upon this experience I think it all had something to do with dehysration. (I hate drinking water.) I was actually dehydrated to the point of going to the doctor to find out what was wrong with me.

    If there's anything positive that I can pass on to you it would be to not give up and keep plugging away at your life. At the time I was diagnosed I was experiencing a lot of factors that were stressors in my life,v(breakup of long-term relationship, lifestyle change in that I gave up my job and went back to shool, etc) the MS experience could also have had something to do with these stressors.

    I recently moved out to the west coast and went back to school. I was a little nervous about this, given my past history but I'm doing OK. I'm sure with the support you have you will overcome this and thrive.

    My e-mail adress (if you want to chat, or want any further details) is jayzee@telusdotnet. If you're cyrious about who I am, I'm female, 40 years old, a student at Langara College in my first year of arts and sciences.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:24 a.m.  

  • I typed a lengthy comment which vanished into the ether so I'll try again with an abreviated version.

    Are you dehydrated at all? I was diagnosed with MS several years ago and it is my belief that my symptoms (simliar to yours) were due to dehydration. My doc confirmed that he felt I did not have MS after several years.

    if you want to chat I'm rjzatfastmaildotca. Brief bio: female, 40 years of age, former helpdesk technician, current student at Lanagara College in my first year of Arts and Sciences.

    A good support system is worth a lot and you seem to have that going for you. My best bit of advice is keep plugging away at your life.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:16 a.m.  

  • All that and they rule it "benign." I still don't know what to think about this benign bit though it is my hope your's remains very mild! Take care.

    By Blogger Erik, at 1:35 p.m.  

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