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I have a request to blog about this...

Benign RRMS... why not just RRMS? Well, here's my understanding that I will hopefully get more information on Tuesday from the MS clinic as I don't fully understand it either.

I had an attack in 2001 which was only numb legs and one numb arm. My doctor didn't think I needed to go to a neurologist as an xray of my spine showed a degenerated disc and he said nothing could be done. End of story. I found my own form of treatment; massage therapist who also practices Muscle Balance Function. I highly recommend it. A combo of yoga-ish and muscle strenthening exercises. So, it took about 6 months and I completely recovered. No more back pain and good strength back.

2004 I get hit after a giant amount of stress with this Sixth Nerve Palsy. Has anyone else had this? It sucks. So the MS clinic confirmed me a BRRMS patient because of what amounts to 4 years of health background with a start of attacks in 2001. So their projection for the future based on my current ability to recover on my own from this attack and recovered from the last attack should follow a mild or benign course. However even though they think this is the right diagnosis they will be able to further confirm this after 10 years of health history.

I pulled out the MS clinic's Patient Handbook and here is what it says in its description of the Benign Course:

"A significant number of patients have a relatively mild form of MS. They may have one or many attacks, usually mild, but they resolve sponaneously with no residual or minimal Physical impairment between attacks. Ambulation is usually mildly affected. Even though the neurological impairment may be mild, fatigue and lack of endurance may be a major disabling feature. The course is said to be benign if this pattern exists after ten years. In our clinic experience, we have observed a group of patients with documented disease for 25 to 30 years and 35% of this group have followed a benign course. Patients in the group have a normal life expectancy."

So, that being said... I'd like to be a part of that 35% thank you very much. The question that will forever be in my mind: If I had known in 2001 that I had MS would I have choosen to go through the stressful things I did and keep on the unhealthy path I was? Would I have even had this current attack if I had known? Or would I have gone 6 years before another attack?

I know, I know... there's no changing the past... Only change for the future.


  • Benign MS confuses me. :) My neurologist has told me that I have a "mild" case of MS (whatever that means!) and that it may be benign, but we won't know for another 10 years. In the meantime, he strongly recommended that I begin therapy (Copaxone), which I did. So now, if I'm fairly stable for the next ten years, who's to say if it's the drug or the fact that I have benign MS? Sometimes MS just really pisses me off. :)

    By Blogger Becca, at 5:11 a.m.  

  • I thank you for your email. I am not going to tell you about the drugs i am on as we will be here all night.Only sticking together will we get through this. Keep your chin up mate! Dave

    By Blogger personallog!, at 11:48 a.m.  

  • I always found benign (insert the chronic illness) to be almost insulting. I had one neuro (who botched the LP big time) tell me my MS was benign. My current neuro, who is top of the line in MS treatment and research, said there was no such thing as benign - either you got MS (in different types) or you don't.

    Is there a difference between benign RRMS and severe RRMS? If it was severe, wouldn't it then be classifed as Primary Progressive?

    I don't get the benign classification.

    That's like saying you're a little pregnant ;)

    (still trying to set up an account, but having a hell of a time doing so!)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:41 a.m.  

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