Mandatory Rest Period: MOVED!




One shelter down, and no kittens brought home. This was a pretty horrid place. All the cats were skittish and sad looking. Horribly poor conditons. Ugh. It left us with a real sad feeling in the bottom of our hearts. Shouldn't we go back and "rescue" them? All my medical background in the Veterinary field says no. We have two lovely cats and I couldn't bare risking them to what disease these ones had. We both stripped down and scrubbed when we got home to get the smell off of us. You know something's wrong when that happens. Sad way to end an evening :( Sigh...

I do hope to bring you news of another subject providing I get the proper approval from the recipent. I should know in the next day or so. Its pretty interesting... stayed tuned.


We interupt the usual broadcasting of this blog:

Okay, I'm going to put it in writing. We're going to adopt two new kittens! Well, we hope to anyways. We have our two 4 year old kitties (Echo and Flick), but we have this giant house and much room for two more. So we're phoning around to the local SPCA's and other shelters to see what they have. We really want one of the kittens to be calico, and both have to be female. So, if your in lower mainland or just outside of, drop me a line if you know of, have seen or have leads for me :)


Results from 7100 patient study of interferons

Similar Treatment Effectiveness Found
More than 7100 patients have been participating in the study. The investigators found minimal changes in the patients' disability, on average, after two years of therapy. The percentage of patients who became relapse-free after two years of therapy was about 48 percent in the group taking Avonex, approximately 46 percent in the group taking Betaseron, and about 44 percent and approximately 38 percent in the groups taking the 22-microgram and 44-microgram doses of Rebif, respectively.

In the follow-up group, the percentage of relapse-free patients after two years of therapy ranged from 36 percent for those taking Avonex to about 34 percent for those in the Rebif group.

"Efficacy was similar among patients treated with the four different interferon-beta preparations in different countries," the researchers wrote. "Switching between different interferon preparations did not appear to provide additional benefits."

Interferon beta preparations are widely used as first-line therapy for people with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis, experts say. In clinical studies, they have been shown to reduce relapse rates and delay the disease's progression by approximately a third.2,3

"These results suggest that higher doses and frequencies of interferon beta may not necessarily be better when you take into account … that patients treated with Avonex could have significant advantages in the long term due to the treatment's low incidence of neutralizing antibodies and its once-weekly dosing, which encourages better long term adherence to therapy," Limmroth said.


I kinda fell yesterday. I didn't put my sandal on right and went to walk thinking it would slip on properly. And of course, I feel like any normal person would have had enough balance to not have fallen over, but not I! As soon as I felt my ankle start to turn over I made to grab for the door jam that was right there but then totally collapsed on the floor. My ankles' a bit sore and puffy today, but I think I slammed my shoulder into the door jam and so feel all stiff. Actually, I feel a little bitter. I just had a darn good massage to fix the damage from the cruise! Grr! Back to square one.

Maybe the heat is getting to me :) I see everyone else is blogging about the heat. I'm seeing some new bloggers out there too. And some older ones not around anymore. I haven't seen Emily or Tee lately. Cheers to you both if your reading.

I have the day off tomorrow and am going to attempt to get to the pool for a swim. We did that last night and boy did it feel good to cool down and be weightless :)